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Hello there!

​ For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about everyone's story, what makes us unique beings with our strengths and our flaws. I like to exchange, share, discover the world and the different cultures.

My favorite quote? "The most lost of all days is the one where you didn't laugh."  Nicolas Chamfort. 

After studying psychology, a BTS and 20 years spent in a large high-tech company, meeting Neuro-Training gave me a turning point in my professional life and gave me pride, courage, the joy of to be who I am and brought me the audacity to seize the opportunity to finally take on a retraining so long desired.

I measured to what extent this discipline can restore the individual's ability to find balance and harmony.


Then, a bit like Obélix falling into the pot and tasting the magic potion, I couldn't stop. I then deepened my knowledge with a 5-year course of studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine at SFERE college.

I have the joy today of welcoming children, teenagers and adults for sessions of Neuro-Training, Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine .

I am always delighted to see the evolution of the people I receive in consultation.


J'interviens au sein d'entreprises qui souhaitent apporter du bien-être au travail et je m'investis bénévolement en tant que thérapeute lors de stages organisés par l'association InvaincuS qui accompagne des hommes et des femmes souffrant de stress post-traumatique (ESPT). 

Je suis toujours ravie de constater l'évolution des personnes que je reçois en consultation.

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My journey

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