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Neuro-Training Kinésiologie

Neurotraining Kinesiology

By means of simple and very effective techniques, Neuro-Training allows us to train our Nervous System to recover from the difficulties and wounds of our past, to free ourselves from our conditioning in order to develop our natural capacity to express our values in any situation.

By understanding how we work, we learn not to make the same mistakes again!

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Why ?

Learn to manage stress

Facing your fears

Regain self-confidence

Manage your hypersensitivity

Overcome depression

Harmonize your relationship (as a couple, with your children, professional)

For who ?

Children, students, adults, it's never too late to evolve.

I'm here to accompany you!

How ?

The muscle test reveals the origin of your problem.


Then the brain chooses the appropriate technique to regain balance


We should all have the ability to adapt to our environment, while remaining ourselves. The challenges are brought to us by life and give us the opportunity to learn, to grow.

Our experiences, our education, our fears, our habits, our beliefs will classify these challenges as a problem or an opportunity. Thus, depending on their experience, everyone will have their own perception of an event. This same event can put some people in defense when it will leave others indifferent.

Neuro-Training Kinésiologie
Neuro-Training Kinésiologie

Where do the imbalances and blockages come from?

“Who has never burned themselves in their life? » 

The body is the memory of our experiences: you have to burn yourself once in the flame of a candle to never put your finger near it! The body associates with any new lived experience sensations and emotions of reference lived previously. 

If the experience is negative, the anchor will be negative

The imbalance, which in the long term is at the origin of all pathology, has its source in the non-expression of our values, our emotions, the non-choice and fears.

What is Neuro-Training used for?

Neuroscience attests that we are 

  • 16% aware of our behaviors and thoughts 

  • 84% unconscious which includes our automatisms, conditioning, blockages, phobias...


"Whatever we don't bring to consciousness comes back to us as fate"

Carl Gustav Jung

Neuro-training creates communication between your neurology (brain) and your body (somatic memories).

Another image that I usually take during the sessions is the electrical panel, when the wires are not connected correctly, everything switches off. My role as a Neuro-Trainer will be to find the origin, the root of the short-circuit in order to re-connect the blue wire with the blue wire and so on. We can choose to operate differently, the limits to change are those we put on ourselves.

As long as we keep track we keep the story


As long as we keep history, we repeat it!

How to assess imbalances?

Thanks to muscle testing from kinesiology and discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Goodheart, an American chiropractor. These muscle tests will be done at different levels of the body in order to assess whether the energy of the meridians is circulating correctly. The role of Neuro-Training is to identify the dysfunctions that prevent us from self-regulating. 

What is the objective of a Neuro-Training session?

Solution-Oriented Neuro-Training (NTOS)

A Neuro-Training session may be necessary to recover from your experiences in order to solve a problem:

  • You can't get out of a separation, a bereavement, you constantly reproduce the same patterns, you change the decor, the actors and yet you have the feeling of replaying the same scenes of life

  • You want to free yourself from weight, face your fears, regain self-confidence, overcome your depression

  • Harmonize your relationship. We cannot change each other but we can change the relationship we have with each other.


Neuro-Training Stimulation (NTS)

A Neuro-Training session can also help you find solutions to meet a challenge, prepare for a competition, an exam, develop your professional skills, improve your relationship. 


Any problem has its solution, I like to repeat during the consultations that nothing is ever written in stone, that everything is always in motion and can be modified. We keep problems as long as they serve us. 

The right question to ask is: "what should I unlearn?" »


“When someone desires health, one must first ask him if he is ready to remove the causes of illness. Only then is it possible to help him. »


How does Neuro-Training work?

Once the context, the message of the problem found, the Neuro-Trainer will use one of the techniques belonging to: ​

Neuro-Training Kinésiologie

How long does a Neuro-Training follow-up last?

The duration of follow-up in Neuro-Training depends on the capacity that each has to recover from life events. Like the onion that accumulates layers to protect itself from the weather, the work is done layer after layer. 


Neuro-Training is neither medical nor paramedical and in no way replaces medical monitoring.

Your testimonials

Neuro-Training Kinésiologie

Anne-Sophie O

“Valérie has been with me for a few months and I appreciate her benevolence, her ability to listen and the effectiveness of her method which allows me to solve my problems step by step”

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