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Neuro-Training Session, Kinesiology

How does a session work? 

Why consult a Neuro-Trainer?

We will start the Neuro-Training session with an exchange in order to get to know each other and better understand your request, do you want to learn how to manage your stress? free yourself from weight? face your fears? regain your self-confidence? overcome your depression? harmonize your relationship (as a couple, with your children, professional)?... 


How does a Neuro-Training session work ?

Then, I will explain to you how, thanks to the muscular test , the body makes it possible to "carry out the investigation", to reveal the conscious and unconscious information which will allow me to propose to the nervous system different techniques from NLP , traditional Chinese medicine , kinesiology . , Brain Gym , psychosomatic decoding, homeopathy , nutrition…to give you the opportunity to react differently.

Who is Neuro-Training for 

Neuro-Training is accessible to everyone.

I accompany children, teenagers and adults.

It's never too early or too late to evolve!

I'm here to accompany you!


70€ per session (1h to 1h30)

or by phone at 06 17 64 67 44

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