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Chinese Medicine Practitioner Aubagne Marseille

Traditional Chinese Medicine session

How does a session take place? 

Why ?

A practitioner of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine aims to prevent disease, improve the patient's state of health or delay the progression of a disease.

Chinese medicine can relieve:

  • anxiety, anxiety, difficulty sleeping,

  • diseases and infections of the respiratory tract: sinusitis,  rhinitis , bronchial asthma;

  • diseases of the digestive system: constipation,  diarrhea , acute gastritis;

  • muscle, joint and bone diseases: osteoarthritis, sciatica, low back pain, facial paralysis;

  • headaches: headaches, migraines.

  • etc

How ?

We will begin the traditional Chinese medicine session with a detailed interrogation in order to consider the individual as a whole and I will carry out several tests which will inform me more precisely about the therapeutic intention to be carried out:

  • observation of the tongue

  • taking chinese pulse,

  • mobility tests and tissue palpations.

​ After a complete assessment aimed at identifying the causes of your disease or your symptoms, I will establish a diagnosis and use one or more of the fundamental branches of Traditional Chinese Energetics:

  • acupuncture or acupressure 

  • the pharmacopoeia   

  • Chinese diet

  • le  Tui na massage


€50 per adult session 

40€ per child/teen session up to 18 years old

1h30 for a 1st assessment

1 hour the following sessions

or by phone at 06 17 64 67 44


Consultations in Aubagne

A session of Chinese Medicine does not in any way replace a visit to your doctor or specialist.

Under no circumstances should you stop your usual treatment prescribed by your doctor, nor stop any medical follow-up and various examinations.

These sessions are not medical acts (no diagnosis) and in no way replace treatment or un 

medical monitoring in accordance with the law of April 30, 1946, decree No. 60665 of July 4, 1960, articles L489 of decree du 

October 8, 1996.

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